Friday, 16 March 2007

My friend sophia.

Sophia is my best friend 4eva.
She is very very funny.
She is 7 years old.
Her boyfriend is tommy.
That is Sophia.

The story of the four girls

One day lived four girls and they went to school together. When they got to school they went into class.Their teacher said we have a new boy in today.One of the girls, daisy smiled at the boy. daisy said he can sit next to me.Ellie, Amy,Beth started to laugh at Daisy Miss lee said " stop laughing Ellie,Amy,Beth". The boy had blue eyes. He has brown hair. He makes girls laugh.When they went out to play Daisy went to with the boy. The boy said "my name is Dave". When the girls went past Daisy went walking with them. Amy said "what did he say"Daisy said" his name is Dave Ellie said "is that it" Daisy said"I'll go and ask him Amy said NO but Daisy did not hear and ask him Dave said "I'm nine years old I have moved". Daisy said "I am going to my friends now" Dave said OK.
when daisy got back to her friends Beth said "how old is he"
"well he is nine is that good because i am nine as well so i could go out with him"
"Wait a minute don't you think we are a bit to young for dates"said Beth
"not really but he might ask me out some day"
the next day daisy saw that Dave was with a girl called cerys.
cerys is a pretty girl Dave and cerys are going out
"daisy daisy didn't yo know that they were going out before cerys was at Dave's old school and then they had to move because Dave's mum is the boss to cerys's mum and the business had to get moved because the manger had to get move to london so thats why"
"How do you know all of that "
"because my mum is best mates with his mum"
"so your mum told you"

Sunday, 11 March 2007

My grandma and grandad

My Grandad and Grandma somtimes come to my house on a sunday for a roast dinner.Their names are Ted (Grandad) and Eva (Grandma).They are my dad's mum and dad.

My other Grandma is caled Ruth she lives in Southamton so i don't see her as much but I love it when I do.

I love my 2 Grandmas and my Grandad very much.

My Favourite colours

  1. pink.
  2. purple.
  3. orange.
  4. green.
  5. black.

My sister

My sister is sandy in Grease I am soooooooooooooo please.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

My friend eve.

My friend eve she is very nice.
She is5 years old.


I suppport West Ham United. They are a football team in London.

They are also called The Hammers....

My list

  1. Me
  2. sis
  3. mum
  4. dad
  5. best friend.


My friends are Sophia, Charely and Megan.They are very kind.